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Why Get A BORA

BORA is unique in the crowded awards sector. It is the only platform in Nigeria that celebrates creative, intellectual and political achievements in a single room. Thanks to our professional jury from the United Kingdom and within Nigeria, BORA is beginning to receive international recognition.

From the very start in 2014 (then called Best of Rivers Awards), BORA’s goal has been to reward outstanding individuals and help agencies, companies and government develop their reputations beyond their national borders.

BORA allows you to see how your work is viewed by a different kind of audience – not your industry colleagues, but individuals who love and understand commercial creativity.

Nominee's Emergence

Profiles were accessed based on self-improvement, personal achievement measured against original circumstances and potential capabilities. Furthermore, they were particularly focused on individual's character, ability and achievements as well as how they impact on Nigeria.

BORA takes Pride in Excellence. Winning an Award is an achievement that can raise one’s morale and solidify relationships, hence being recognized with the BEST OF THE REPUBLIC AWARDS is one of the highest accolades an individual or company can receive.

Finally, as the BORA ceremony is traditionally hosted in a different city every year, it’s a chance to visit somewhere you may not have been lately.

Young Entrepreneur Of The Year

Individuals are allowed and encouraged to submit entries for the YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR award at BORA 2017.

Eligible candidates MUST have Personal Integrity/Influence, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Sustainable Financial Performance and Strategic Direction, be Innovative, made Community or Global Impact. Candidate MUST not be above 28 years by December 31st 2017.

Each entry should contain the following;

1) A brief description of the nominee’s achievements from January 1, 2016: Describe the nominee’s achievements during the 2016-2017 eligibility period (that is from January 1, 2016 until present day).

Please focus on specific accomplishments and relating them to past performance (if any) or industry norms. Make sure to mention obstacles overcame, innovations or discoveries made, and specific results. (500 words or less)

2) A short biography of the nominee: Provide a brief biography and business background of the nominee. This section can be a company history, product-line history, or executive biography as appropriate to the submission. (100 words or less)

3) Entry specific photos, logos and other supporting materials (optional).

If you choose, you may also provide executive, team, or product photos and/or company logos. Similarly, you may provide us with supporting materials in any standard digital file format.

SEND ENTRIES TO: boranigeria@gmail.com

About BORA

About BORA

Best of the Republic Awards (BORA)® is managed by the Credible Forte Company (member of Inkline Group), a Nigeria and UK Registered Company. BORA® is non-governmental, non-political; embracing all facets of industries and individuals in Nigeria.

The Award samples over 500 individuals and Organizations in more than 50 categories with recipients receiving their awards in front of a prestigious audience of over 5000 leading figures.

Along with being a fantastic party, the BORA ceremony also brings together top talent from the Entertainment, Government and the Private Sector. Awards are presented for the year’s best achievements in different facets, alongside long standing achievements by individuals, with EAGLE statues given to recipients.

About BORA 2

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